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IMPORTANT: The data was processed automatically and filtered by 3 hours over the time and by 30-50km over the height.
To get hand-processed data or data with higher accuracy please contact Oleg (

Ionospheric database
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Time parameters
UT - Universal time (full format) UT - Universal time (hour parts)
LT - Local time (UT+7) (full format) LT - Local time (UT+7) (hour parts)
Height dependences
height (true) Ne - electron density
From (km) To (km) From (hours) To (hours)
F2 layer properties
foF2 - F2 layer critical frequency hmF2 - height of F2 layer maximum (true)
yF2 - halfwidth of F2 layer (parabolic model) hF2 - F2 layer minimal height (active)
foF2p - F2 layer critical frequency (prediction) NmF2 - Maximum electron density
F1 layer properties
foF1 - F1 layer critical frequency hmF1 - height of F1 layer maximum (true)
yF1 - halfwidth of F1 layer (parabolic model) hF - F layer minimal height (active)
foF1p - F1 layer critical frequency (prediction)
E layer properties
foE - E layer critical frequency hmE - height of E layer maximum (true)
yE - halfwidth of E layer (parabolic model) hE - E layer minimal height (active)
foEp - E layer critical frequency (prediction)
Sporadic E layer properties
foEs - sporadic E layer critical frequency fbEs - sporadic E layer screening frequency
hEs - sporadic E layer minimal height (active)
Other properties
fmin - Minimal reflections frequency fxI - Maximal reflections frequency (including F scattering)
M(D) - MUF coefficient TEC - Total electron content
Rz - Wolf number used in calculations